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MiCor A100 Wearable Recorder

Our technology allows patients to monitor and record heart rhythm whenever palpitations arise. The data is then stored on the device for later review by a health professional.

Utilising ground breaking technology, this easy-to-use ECG wristband is a CE Class IIa medical device. Without compromising on patient care, it will reduce the number of unnecessary referrals thus improving patient waiting times and cutting NHS costs.  Proven accuracy against MIT-BIH, AHA, ESC, NST & CU datasets.

The majority of Holter and electrode devices prevent you from doing those activities that generally impact on your heart rate. However, this innovative wristband has the potential for a healthcare professional to more rapidly identify arrhythmia and other abnormal cardiac symptoms and thus more effectively and efficiently manage waiting times and patient treatment. 

The MiCor A100 stores 30 events sets of ECG signal (30 seconds per event) over a period of up to 15 days on one charge. After syncing with the app by healthcare professional or cardiologist an electrical cardiogram of each recording is shown which can easily be printed or emailed. The A100 has removable straps for hygienic cleaning allowing for multi-patient use.

“The MiCor A100 has shown favourable results in detecting variation in cardiac rhythms.”

Prof. David Jayne, Clinical Director of NIHR Healthcare Technology Co-operative, University of Leeds, UK.

For more information about this product, and the company behind it, MioCARE, click here.


  • 1 Lead ECG Recorder
  • Dry Electrode sensors
  • Certified: CE Class IIA Medical Device
  • Waterproof: IP27
  • Display: 0.48” OLED
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Battery life per charge: Up to 15 days
  • Charging type: Magnet type USB cable
  • Weight: 24.5g
  • Band Size: L: 128.85mm / S: 78.00mm

Data Recording

  • 30 events of ECG wave, each event 30 seconds
  • 7 days of sleep data in 30 seconds resolution
  • 7 days of steps and calories burned each day

App & Smart Phone Support

  • iPhone 5 or above with iOS 8+
  • Android™ 5.0+ with BLE
  • SDK support for Android™

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