The TETRATAB Casebook 3 is a ruggedised 2-in-1 Tablet designed specifically for the needs of the healthcare sector. The bright multi-touch screen gives finger or stylus input for normal tablet use and the lightweight clip-on keyboard with mouse-pad supports more intensive data input where required. Available with Windows 10 Pro or Android 6, Casebook 3 is fully loaded with WiFi, Bluetooth and fully integrated NFC Smart Card Reader, allowing secure access to the NHS Spine. The inbuilt 4G/3G SIM can offer additional data access in WiFi "not spots" and can connect healthcare staff working in the community. The Casebook 3 comes with an antimicrobial coating, resistance to surgical wipes and latex free construction, making it ideally suited for healthcare professionals needing affordable, secure and robust mobile computing.

  • Choice of Operating System: Windows 10 Pro or Android 6
  • 10.1" screen with LCD Display
  • Latex-free construction, antimicrobial coating. IP52 rating
  • Connectivity: 4G / 3G / WiFi / Bluetooth
  • NFC Smart Card Reader
  • full range of accessories including chargers, mounting brackets, hand grips and cases
  • 2-year warranty

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