Patient wristbands fully compliant with GS1 Standards

GS1 standards compliant wrist band

Dakota Healthcare is a GS1 Solution Partner and we have deployed a GS1 accredited wristband solution into numerous NHS Trusts. Our PASidMED® Solution integrates with Trust’s PAS systems to produce printed wristbands without physically altering the PAS software itself.

GS1 UK Industry Partner and Zebra Premier Solution Partner

PASidMED® offers:

  • Pain-free integration with your PAS system
  • Formatted printed wristbands in accordance with the ISB1077 standard
  • 2D GS1 Datamatrix barcodes containing hospital system, PAS number, hospital identifier
  • Neo-natal / maternity conformance
  • Contingency software for when your PAS is unavailable and you need to produce wristbands quickly
  • On-site commissioning to ensure a live, working solution
  • Case note labels produced with higher quality print to alleviate risk management issues

We support the Scan4Safety initiative


As part of the eProcurement strategy set out by the Department of Health in 2014, GS1 standards are to be used for the 3 core enablers.


GS1 Core Enabler - Every person, every product, every place.

The unique identifier for each of the above is a GS1 barcode.

  • We are involved in projects with the 6 NHS Acute Trusts selected as demonstrator sites of excellence for the use of GS1 and PEPPOL Standards.
  • Early adopters are working with us to demonstrate the use of barcode printing and scanning technology for inventory management, improved patient safety through surgical instrument tracking, inventory management, medical equipment management and product safety recall

We can help you create and use GLNs (Global Location Numbers)

  • A GLN is a unique number that is assigned to locations to enable them to be identified uniquely. These GLNs can be used to identify any legal, physical and functional locations.
  • We can help you with the creation of GLNs, and integration with your internal database (s)
  • We have helped a number of Trusts with the automation of their supply chain processes, thanks to the effective use of GLNs on barcoded labels to replace manual involvement.